Cultural Revolution Through Learning Evolution.

ion is a social learning platform that sparks a cultural revolution at work by transforming how we lead — and learn — to create workplaces that work for everyone.

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culture matters and it is broken

Organizations have failed to develop diverse leaders.

0% gain in people of color, 1% gain in women between 2012 and 2018 (McKinsey, 2019)

Employees are unfulfilled (66%), burnt out (67%), and lonely (46%).

(Imperative & NYU, 2016, Gallup, 2018, Cigna, 2018)

Not allowing people to activate their purpose at work is expensive.

$9,100 in productivity loss per person per year (BetterUp, 2019); replacement cost is 33% of salary (Employee Benefits News, 2017)

90% of information is forgotten within a week.

One-time solutions like consultants, off-sites and compliance trainings don't produce lasting results.

What's Needed

A scalable learning solution that connects people of all backgrounds and nurtures their growth, so they love where they work.

the ion method

inclusive leadership curriculum

The ion Learning platform includes unlimited access to the following learning journeys:

  • Inclusion 360°®

  • C4 - Core, Calling, Career & Community©

  • Women Evolution®

  • The Evolved Masculine©

  • Dare to Lead®

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Cultural Intelligence

social learning platform

The core features of our platform:

  • Small diverse groups

  • Bite-sized, premium, multi-format learning content

  • Manageable time commitment

  • Lock-step course progression

  • Hands-on practice/tools

  • Group feedback

  • Skills assessment

  • Ability to deliver custom programs

scalable culture change

Our technology and way of learning accelerates deep culture change, enabling high-trust connections among diverse teams. Our clients experience impactful results:

  • 95% Course Completion (7x higher than industry average)

  • 90% of participants say "I am a more inclusive leader because of this program"

  • 80% want to do more training with this method

  • 68% higher NPS than industry average

our clients
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CBRE Case Study
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Regeneron Case Study
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CBRE's goal was to increase retention of their female employees. They chose to implement ion Learning's Women Evolution curriculum 2015-2017. Within 2 years, retention rates have increased by an astounding 18% CBRE expanded its ion offerings by also implementing the Inclusion 360˚ curriculum.

Regeneron’s goal was to create a more engaged and connected workforce since many members of their team work flexibly and travel often. They chose to implement ion Learning’s Inclusion 360° curriculum. Within 6 months, Global Diversity Scores increased 7% and program completion rate was 100%.

Ancestry’s goal was to launch a female focused mentoring and leadership development program for senior managers. They chose to implement ion Learning’s Women Evolution curriculum. Engagement scores increased 5% in 90 days, and a broader solution that engages men as allies is currently underway.

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