Our Story

We built ion Learning because we found that most professional learning technologies do not create a work environment where people can cultivate true connection and growth. Many workplaces don't bring out the best in people, which can cause culture issues - most people are burnt out, unfulfilled and don't feel like they truly belong.

This inspired us to create a solution. We believe every workplace is a community where everyone is a leader, and people who are different are able to come together to learn from, grow with, and support each other.

ion Learning is a social learning environment where leaders courageously share their truth, embrace their growth edges, emotions and greatest gifts. It provides a platform in which people can value the diverse contributions and strengths of their team, know their purpose, feel safe, connected, aligned and inspired at work, and create an inclusive culture everywhere they go.

Of course, a platform is nothing without compelling learning journeys. Our curricula are thoughtfully crafted by storytellers who leverage the power of media, animation, interactive exercises, the latest research in neuroscience, facilitated conversations and personal stories to create immersive social learning experiences.

Beyond traditional learning, each journey equips people with the tools and resources necessary to truly absorb each topic, and receive the skills to practice and take action every day to be a more purposeful and inclusive leader.

Our Values


We treat each person with kindness, empathy, understanding and empower them to grow and live their purpose.


We live in alignment with our word, purpose and values.

Our Name

ion Learning Logo

To generate a name for their company, Shavon and Christina meditated on the essence of their commitment and found inspiration exploring ancient wisdom. The word “trust” kept coming to the fore, as the ability to achieve deep cultural change requires that we learn to trust those who are different from us. The root word for trust in Gaelic, ion, was chosen.